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“Vulnerability is beautiful when you find it and are in a headspace to see and hear it. No social masks, no faking it, just pure beautiful you as you were meant to be seen. Enjoy being vulnerable, don’t reel from it in fear.” – Shane

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EP140: Shane’s Change Story: How 20 Years of PTSD Revealed his True Identity
Changeable with Dr. Amy Johnson – Mar 22, 2021

Shane is a former law enforcement agent who began experiencing PTSD symptoms 20 years ago, after an event on the job. For years, he was in therapy that had him relive the traumatic event over and over again. It was horribly painful, but the memories did lose...
The No-Willpower Approach to Change
The Little School for Big Change


Hosted by Dr. Amy Johnson

ENIW: Ep.1 There are No Random Acts
After 18 years of traditional treatment & medications for severe PTSD, Shane Flannigan finally said enough. He had a “random meeting” with an energy/wellness coach and discovered there are no random acts.
During hard times remember these three things:
Look up
Get up
And never, ever give up!

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Your Host: Frank Zaccari

Ep. 17 Shane Flannigan “A New Reality”
Shane grew up to live his childhood dream of working in law enforcement. But after a particularly violent experience, he just wasn’t OK anymore and was diagnosed with PTSD. After many years of several therapies, he met up with an old friend who shared the 3 Principles with him and it changed his life. Shane is now a coach and shares what he calls the greatest gift of his life, the 3 Principles.3PGC Three Principles Global Community
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Hosted by Rob Cook

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Award Winning Life Coach Shane Flannigan Will Show You How To Be Fully Present and Live A Life of Purpose & Surrender

Guest Speaker

Invite Shane Flannigan to speak at your next live event. Shane is an International Author, Life Coach & Public Speaker.

Personal Life Coach

Ready to change your life? Shane Flannigan, International Author and Life Coach will personally mentor you one on one.

Corporate Life Coach

Assisting corporations of all sizes with developing and putting into action, customizable, positive mental health programs.

Published Author

This book about PTSD will inspire the reader and help prepare them for life’s changes and challenges. In “Shades of Broken”.