It’s so wonderful to work with women from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and to assist them to see the magic, not the movie. This can seem daunting like you don’t have the time or energy to deal with a process with no finish line. Like that imagined finish line means you get your diploma or crest of completion or something silly like that. Sorry not at my Life School. You are failing to see the mirage right in front of you. So that’s why I have come into your life at this time. Just call me your optometrist to anyone who asks. I am working with you to see life from a different perspective, a new set of lenses are being prescribed. Your welcome, you will thank me for this showing of your life frame by frame and allowing me to walk with you through your developing #LifeStory & finding ouy who the heck YOU really are !The journey begins when you say YES !.Or you can stay exactly where you are & continue to suffer from all of life’s ailments and complain till your old and Grey. Eventually folks will STOP listening & you are suddenly alone. It doesn’t have to play out like that.Warmest regards,Shane Flannigan Tags:  Alone, magic, Story Teller, Shamanism, Wolf, Cry Wolf, Life Coach, stcatharines, Heart Love, Valentine, Women, Neurodiverse, Canada, Road trip, Sent from my Galaxy