Listen if you think the world’s people are losing it, you wouldn’t be alone in that perception.As I wander the community I see many things that are “out of the ordinary”. I feel the vibrational changes in everything. The pressure of navigation in such a strong force is crushing feeling some days for us sensitives.  I have no recollection of being through such strange times…although a Wizard is never given advance warning typically. How do you think we become wise ?Yet many of us old Wizards and Witches are working day & night with the massive energy influx at current play to distribute that energy evenly across the globe. To some they may be subtle changes they notice. However to me they are huge waves on the water in the middle of an artic storm on the bearing sea.It is time now to come awake to shine your amazing energy light together with others who are awake.Don’t run….it’s to late for that. There is a re-birthing going on here & it’s going to be more painful before it gets better for some.But your strong and resilient & you WILL be born twice in one lifetime. The next evolution of humanity has begun !Just relax and go with it. It’s not a negative experience so no need to resist. Its evolution and sometimes evolving can be percieved by the viewer as painful to go through. And in some cases not all… it is for the experiencer. And so it is….but if you can make LOVE your survival guide, you’ll make it through this change of many seasons to experience the most MAGICAL moments of the next evolution. See you on the outside  !With Love,Shane Flannigan North Pole Life Coach [Tags] Wizard, Energies,            Women, Night, Prayer, Guru,      Life Coach, Raining,                  Days like this, Savant, Coddie Wompler,                     Shane Flannigan,                     North Pole Life Coach, Time, Illusion, paradigm shifts, Consciousness, Human Consciousness,Neurodiverse,Sent from my Galaxy