I in my life have heard this question asked of others as an accusation more than a curious question. Right away this question drives a wedge of guilt and self blame in the person with whom the question is being asked. It’s not a very well put question is it ? I believe it (what I call “weaponizes” the word) to be used in preparation for battle. A kind of awkward verbal foreplay that always ends badly for someone. The most humerous part of this question is that it DEMANDS the other person lie if they answer that YES they are a control freak. Why would they lie you may ask ? This may remain a mystery to ponder on forever.The correct answer would be “NO” I am not a control freak. Why ? Because no one is in control of anything in this life….nothing. it’s impossible to be a control freak without CONTROL of anything. The sooner you see this, the lighter life becomes. Your just along for the ride.Love Always,Shane Flannigan [Tags]  Control Freak, Women, ADHD, Timeless, Shane Flannigan, Santa Claus, Psychology, North Pole Life Coach, StCatharines, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Women Leadership,  Sent from my Galaxy