Very interesting I had the occasion of being the recipient on 2 separate occasions of being told: “Your Not As You Appear To Be”. Full stop right there.  I am not as I appeared to you to be, seems kind of like a great place to start our work.
Magical isn’t it ?
This goes into social norms programming at its best. Take away my “North Pole Life Coach” sign in my logo and I am an old biker dude with crazy tattoos who probably did time for murder!!!
Judgement at its best ! I most kindly put to you. Your impressions of me based off of what your mind tells you about what kind of Impressions i give off isn’t my problem. It’s yours !
Programming you see from the time we were born, we were being groomed and programed by a make believe society with walls called laws and rules. Try to breach the wall and you are put in a cage for your crimes of clear sight !
Only a few are privy to the way out without causing to much commotion or suffering to themselves…however I think I might be closer to finding that way as well…come !
!Shane Flannigan
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