Hi There,
My name is Shane Flannigan and I am a professional male, Womens Life Coach at North Pole Life Coach. Confused how this could happen?
I mean where do you go, where you can’t learn how a woman thinks, works & operates anyway right guys ? Ladies I think you will agree the same about the guys right ?
Not hard to figure out ?  But you see I am not talking about the social games humans play with each other. For the record i feel that everyone has my job confused with teaching women how to be women but just better & with fancy techniques.
It would take a man with many honed communication skills and great physical agility to tell any woman what they already know.
I am sure those 90 days or it’s free folks may teach fancy techniques, I don’t know for sure but if that gets you where you need to be then… great because thats not me👍.
FIX ME PLEASE !!! is suddenly in my job description. But let me assure you that’s NOT my line of work NOR can I “FIX” YOU even if I wanted to.
A little known fact of truth is and shhhhhh….your not broken, never have been & never will be…EVER !
The most important thing to know about MY WORK with #women is I am only there to show them what they DON’T know in this life NOT what they already do.
Oh it’s a learning curve to be sure for my female clients who want to learn to live an #unfilteredlife of pure surrender & peace in every moment.
So let the higher learning begin and you may call me Shane. I am your guide & support to bring you back home to your beautiful self again.   Are you ready to grow ?
Warmest regards,
Shane Flannigan.
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