Boy that’s a mouthful isn’t it ?. You see I have been just recently diagnosed in March of 2022 in my fifties with “Adult ADHD” by my doctor.The diagnosis it appears is genetic and I have probably had it all my life. I as a child was diagnosed as Dyslexic and this was in the infancy of Dyslexia recognition back then. So ADHD wasn’t even a thing by that name. Children like me were considered troubled and disruptive to the very linear learning  environment. I was in shock…then grief & anger over who I could have been had this been discovered earlier in my life. But thats the good stuff right there ! Because that would have been impossible at that time for me to be anyone other than who I was & who I have become because of ADHD.It (ADHD) wasn’t even a thought on the education radar in my area let alone being diagnosed by a professional. So I had an Incredible couch session with my executive wife who works in the pool industry and we talked it out. She made some excellent points that made sense to me. I really love her so much for it. Then the support of an adult community of people from all walks of life with Adult ADHD embraced me and so the learning & love continue.   I was put on an ADHD medication and saw things and felt things I had never before. A sense of calm, a sense of being complete. It was mystifying how good I felt being me. Even though I didn’t know there was another version of me I had lost. Have you ever been introduced to yourself again ? It’s a pretty funky feeling if I am being honest. But oh so gratifying at the same time.  So why ? I have CPTSD, Dyslexia & Adult ADHD. I won the alphabet lottery it appears, but you know something?  I have been told by other adults with ADHD, i now have a super power.And they congratulate me rather than say “Im sorry about your diagnosis”. Wow I have never been congratulated on a diagnoses before and it actually made me smile & walk with my head held high.This is usually followed by the statement “Now you are free to choose what makes you happy and to be yourself. The real kooky crazy you if you like”.I am a pretty colorful fellow in deed, speak & dress already. But at least I know that’s just me and that its okay to be my authentic self all the time. It was like a huge exhale for me.It actually instantly put pieces of my life I had struggled with, to a level of amazing, self understanding & awareness.Then this diagnoses closed my chapter books just as quickly as they opened. Time to grow from this great life lesson I knew instinctively.This also put my many life pieces and the terrible names I was called most of my childhood by family and friends alike till I wanted to take my own life on many occasions as a teen, to bed where they should be.Suddenly I was really whole again. One of the symptoms of Adult ADHD, is forgetting things you were about to do a minute earlier or forgetting a conversation 5 mins ago. This drives my wife crazy but we laugh anyway and if I suddenly go from talking about a new car to instantly talking about a family vacation for instance she will call out “Squirrel” and we will fall to the floor laughing together. Turns out this is so common in ADHDER’S & we all have a great time talking about when we forgot we drove our cars someplace & walked home only to realize we parked at the plaza & have to walk back. We all take it in stride. Beyond those funny moments ADHD is what allows us to see differently from the more linear thinking folks. We see things others don’t, in a non-linear way that can change your whole thinking on anything you might think you see perfectly right now.This diagnosis has actually allowed me to offer one of the most unique Life Coaching experiences on the planet earth 🌏. Now I am saying to you……let’s turn up the vibes and let’s get you to the very best person YOU want to evolve to be, doing what YOU love with warm support and a guide to get you started (me). This #RocknRollSanta always delivers a magical experience. Dance in that magic all year long.Warmest Regards,Shane Flannigan 🎅 Tags: North Pole Life Coach,               Adult ADHD, Working Moms, Women in Leadership, Stressed out Moms, Women’s Life Coaching, RocknRollSanta,Sent from my Galaxy