When we think of the statement “one of the strongest forces on the planet” do we think of a hurricane, earthquake, or tsunami ?**YOU WOULD BE INCORRECT BUZZER** (sounds.) Thanks for playing though. The correct answer would be “a woman”. That’s right you read that correctly “a woman”. You may laugh, but I would caution on toying with their wrath. They will fight to the end for all kinds of important causes or threats to them personally or their family 👪..
Women are powerful, strong, mystical, super heros, as I see them & I have heard the legends of those that came before them. Each new generation of these beautiful, heart centered beings of the universe is stronger than the last….more powerful than the last, more determined than the last.
You get the idea. If you’re Neurodiverse like I am and sensitive to human energy like I am, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of what I speak of, “the magic” in a woman. Like a flash of light or shadow just in your peripheral vision. In an instant it’s gone but you sense the presence of something “BIG” in your space that is cautiously watching the world.
They’re watching every one of us…adults & children both unborn & born, young & old, all at the same time while doing a thousand other things physically & in their psychology. That is just for example! So now tell me that they are not one of the strongest, most magical forces on the planet.Thank you to all women who dream together linked by an invisible thread of one.
Thank you for your personal love & support, hard work at home and in the office if you work outside the home, and thank you with all my heart for the protection you afforded us until we were big enough that we could survive on our own.
 Now it’s our turn to be your support when you grow tired and restless. So in order to give you that support with the same care that came from you to us, we have enlisted the assistance of another magical being that is an equal with you & holds your values for your family and humanity.
He is an older mystical man from way up at the North Pole. So, if you ever need guidance or even to re-charge & tune up your “spirit fitness” then contact this “magic man” at the following link: www.northpolelifecoach.ca Without you life would cease to be the exciting adventure it is…..and for that I love you. That’s universal magic right there!
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