Have I ever told you this real life story that happened to me at 18 years old ?I am going to tell you about my days as an animal control officer here with the local Humane Society or SPCA and one cold as heck November Thanksgiving day. The  adventure begins when I took a long swim into Lake Ontario to assist the Canadian Coast Guard, rescue boat & swimmer that were already in the water. The call I got dispatched to was that “a deer was seen in distress in the waters of Lake Ontario and the dispatcher gave me the closest land assist point geographically. Upon arriving i see the deer struggling in the water and submerging from time to time and the Coast Guard swimmer was struggling trying to get him into the Coast Guard VesseI with the help of the boats driver. The deer didnt make it an easy rescue attempt because of course it was scared. I stripped out of my full uniform in front of anxious onlookers on the beach that day, right to my boxer underwear and ran off Lakeside Park Beach and dove into the coldest water I had ever been in. My body ached from the cold water & from the impact of huge waves against it and my muscles strained against the strong, cold, November currents.I sucked in lots of air at first trying to catch my breath as I swam with all I had out to help the Coast Guard swimmer also in the water in his thermal wet suit trying to get the deer in the Coast Guard pontoon boat.Deer died after several attempts to resuscitate him once in the boat.Interesting fact but the highly watched TV show “Baywatch” came out shortly after this incident. Coincidence ? I don’t think so because I was in the news for this unique call. Maybe I need representation?  Hmmm.True story & it was freezing water 💧 the Coast Guard guys invited me to jump on the boat and they wrapped my frozen body in a warm blanket & took me back to thier local base where they fed me hot clam chowder and warm fresh bread and they of course had some as well. That was super nice of them. Then I went home for Thanksgiving dinner. My kids looked up from thier dinner plates and one said “Daddy what did you do at work today ?” I replied “just my job son…..just my job” (cue piano love song)Then my life really got Interesting 🙃 but that’s for another time.northpolelifecoach, shaneflannigan, canadiancoastguard, Rescue,Sent from my Galaxy