Okay so I just watched the clip of the Oscars from last night and it affected me so deeply I got very sad and cried. Will Smith’s speech afterwards was both very moving and brain scrambling all at the same time.But what I saw and how one actress put out statement said it so well. “How can we be so appalled at a so called man of love who does violence against another man one moment then give a standing ovation to that same man the next moment in support of him or his actions” you pick.Wow what a great life lesson & teaching moment !. This is real, this is going on.I personally believe they were both wrong. But no one should ever…unless they are fighting for thier life legitimately, place hands on another person in violence. What we saw was certainly a defining moment, a sad moment and a great teaching moment for us all to reflect on.I strongly disagree with how Will Smith responded to the situation Chris Rock created. Put out a statement later condemning the comment if you feel called.No one should do violence to another person (this is my own belief). This may seem a bit utopic sounding & it is & would be if we could handle our emotions & the world with true love & understanding. It’s a painting ­čľ╝ in progress.Do a self check in with you today & really contemplate what happened on that stage last night. #northpolelifecoach #2022oscars #willsmith #neurodiverse #lovenotviolence┬áSent from my Galaxy