Notice that we live in your thought driven world (your personal mind). What you think about goes here. I am apart of your story & you are a part of mine by the very fact we are communicating by you reading this blog post. Now & forever more we are linked through thought & heart and blood.  This post will make you feel one way or the other & your thinking causes those feelings. Your thoughts…clouds passing in the mental sky really.  They come & go & mean nothing at all important or real. But you see we find it difficult to self regulate when we feel the pendulum of life swing back & forth. We call it being “busy” to sell it to ourselves & others gently & everybody knows what that means right ?.Have you ever thought of creating a cult of self ? I apologize for the librity  but I will answer for the majority “no”. “I mean my stars what the hell is that anyway” you may furrow your brow & ask ? A cult of self is you full stop. No one else ..just you and the voice that is you in your head. Okay now who is the imposter that voice in my head telling me what to do or is it you ? Then prove your not the imposter if I say I believe you. There can be only one way here & there is. Why ? because it is so.The answer you seek…the who done it ! of this film is within the story it tells.Try creating a loving, always learning and growing cult of self. You won’t be disappointed you did.  If you want to know more about the cult of self & what it is & how to implement it into your life. Don’t hesitate to book with me so we can enjoy a beautiful virtual tea together and chat a while about it.Cost: $80 for one hour over Zoom.All my love,ShaneTags, North Pole Life Coach, Cult, mirror, Life Coaching Tip, Sent from my Galaxy