Hello my friends,Today’s blog is to let you in on a little known fact about me. I have a service dog named “Jazz” (a pure bred Labrador Retriever) & I got him as a puppy with the intention of having him help me at the time with my mental health, diabetes support and mobility as well as special skills. 
We went through 2 years of continuous & consistent training with a professional service dog trainer. Today at age 3 Jazz has helped me through things I could have never Imagined. 
It’s Intuitive on his part because he just does things for me on his own and is most always at my side either at home or in the community. I couldn’t have asked for a better “dog with a job” & friend/partner.I have a lot of people ask how they can get one and I always start out by saying “do you like constant public attention and questions ?” “If the person says no not really” “I just need help with such & such”. Full stop !. 
If you don’t like public attention in sometimes the most bizarre way with people barking & making kissy noises at your dog as you go about your day then a service dog may not be for you because attention and questions all the time are all apart of this experience. Some folks will even come right out and ask what you need him for and ask about your private medical issues. YES THIS HAPPENS MORE THAN I CARE TO ADMIT.
People are often confused looking when I refer to him as “medical equipment” for me. He is no different than a person who requires a wheel chair. This doesn’t mean I don’t love him but he is a dog bred and trained for a job assisting a human with a disability.
So although I don’t mind the attention and am a really happy Service Dog ambassador. Most people never consider this attention they will get everytime they go out.Having a Service Dog sounds sexy to some. It can be a challenge in reality. So do your research before buying a pup (which I recommend). I love Labrador Retrievers,
They are a solid breed for a service dog from the right breeder. Now ask yourself after everything you research “is a Service Dog right for me ?.After the honeymoon stage is over you really begin to see what your facing from the public and at the same time attempting to get your required training in for the life of your Service Dog. 
You end up with this being a very serious education which requires time and commitment from you for life.
All my Love,
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