March 2022:
I am going to reveal something about myself to you that I have been holding back….well sort of. Some of my hashtags allude to it over time but I don’t know who ever looks at those.  I am a mystic !!! Ahhhhh there I said it ! boy that feels great to get off my chest.
What held me back from telling was the picture that pops into my own mind when I hear the term. I always felt I should keep that part of me to myself and not tell at the cost of being labled crazy etc. But when I really began to research the term (which I encourage  you to do) and it’s origins I saw that actually a great many of us are mystics and have a very valid role to play in modern times.
Next I am a Life Coach and I do add mystical elements to my work there is no doubt with a background in Shamanism.So I feel now that this is out in the open I can be even more authentic with being myself and referring from time to time to mysticism without everyone getting all freaked out. I find it actually provides a richer experience for the client and provides a maximum but gentle mind stretch.
Love  Shane
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