We are all so busy driving around and it always seems like people are in a hurry to go no where. I even find when I see people doing the gift of walking whether it be sidewalk or mall everyone is in a physical hustle. Heck I am tired just thinking of it. I teach my clients something called mindfully walking. It allows you not only the opportunity to “see” things you would not see being in the car but as well “it” the (Life Force) invites  you to stop and look deeply into the eyes of creation.  All your senses come alive with excitement because of all the different things heard, seen, inhaled & felt. As my clients are taught just pick something as you walk and really get involved in seeing every detail of it. Look at every peddle on a rose in a garden and then look beyond what you think your looking at and “see this rose” for what it really is.  A good habit to get into is “mindful walking”. Don’t be afraid to stop and look with the intention of seeing with clarity what is really before you.All my love,Shane Flannigan #northpolelifecoach, #lookingdeeply, #Shanesblog, #whatareyoulookingatSent from my Galaxy