I knew when I got into this field that “Life Coaches” were being treated like 2nd class citizens in the health & wellbeing world.Life Coaches were in some online business forums no better than “snake oil salespeople” as they were referred to by another business owner who was a “Life Coach” I later found out.
There are a lot of great Life Coaches out there doing some amazing work with clients. I see “Life Coaching” helping to relieve some of the burden of our front line mental health¬† workers for years to come.
 You see we can give people real time support & positive guidance until they can be seen by a mental health professional.
A Life Coach is Life Support and should be seen as such. It goes without saying there are bad apples in every industry.
But see who seems to be a good fit for you with a Life Coach.
“Helping tomorrow’s people today”.
All my love,