Today is an excerpt from Possibility…a State of Mind by John Wood

Distinguishing ‘Possibility’ From Possibility

Possibility is a state of heightened awareness

‘If something can realistically happen, it’s a possibility.’ That dictionary definition is all well and good, but it’s not the meaning referred to in this guide.

Beyond this limited definition is a state of awareness in which our transformation can occur and seemingly unlimited Possibility is seen. Within this realm, Possibility is an enthralling reality and a life-altering state, holding the potential to transform our life and consequently our world…and our influence on it.

Histories from most cultures speak of those who have seen beyond the veil of their ‘stories’ – ‘stories’ that conceal the creative power experienced when we open up to Life. In those exquisite moments, when both the obvious and the yet-to-be seen are witnessed, Possibility shows us a new reality.

Those historic and more recent explorers of Life, venturing into the realm of creation, have directly and deeply experienced fresh Thought – the genesis of Possibility. They’ve discovered the unconditional kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense that exist before the values, culture and conditioning that we inherit and expand upon, and that incarcerate us.

It is in that realm that we, too, see and experience Possibility and our own transformation. Possibility is the state in which we see what is and create a new future. A future directed by the same kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense felt and demonstrated by those mystics, saints and sages at the nucleus of the enduring religions and philosophies of the world.

Without seeing into the realm of Possibility, we repeat (to a lesser or greater degree) our ‘Groundhog Day’ experience of life.

On experiencing fresh Thought, we see Possibility. Our vision is attuned to seeing and creating a new future. Seeing Possibility and creating our life afresh might just be our most useful daily yoga – re-creating our relationships, organizations, and the world,

What is your “daily yoga”? Does it help you to spend more time in touch with the best you have inside you?

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