We are on a journey to find that someone who will complete us. We go from one relationship to the next, always thinking that we’ll find them and be happy. But what if there is no one for you? What if you have to learn how to get your own happiness from within? What does life look like when this happens? This post explores these questions of self-discovery in a world where “the One” doesn’t exist.

This blog post has been written with mothers over 30 in mind because it talks about life after giving up on finding the perfect partner and learning how to get your own happiness by yourself. It also includes some spiritual aspects such as letting go of attachments which can free up space for more joy in our lives.

This is a shocking concept at first glance because we are told to peel back the layers of the onion as a metaphor for exploring the deeper you. Little do we think that we will never find ourselves at the core of the onion. In fact no one that I ever remember told me that I wouldn’t be at the center of the onion. I just thought ….& that’s where the problem arises…(Thinking).

I actually made up the core of the onion being the “real” me at the center in my thinking. I have always been told to peel back the layers of the onion only. So now what ? We get to the center and nothing is there…not you, not anyone, just space and clarity of a life well lived in the universe.

You are everything & nothing at all but pure universal love energy from creation to death and beyond. This realization once accepted at your true heart & soul level will free up some major time and shape shift you into gratitude and love.

There is no pressure on the perceived “you” only freedom to explore the world in whatever way brings your soul joy. No attachments, no time, no social expectations or pressures…..just your energy exists in a human form so that you may experience being no one & everyone.

Love Shane