Our ego is designed to create a lot of noise in our heads about nothing, yet can compel us into believing everything it says. Ego is intertwined with our entire being and we really have to come to know it intricately to not succumb to its fantasy world where we are all over the map emotionally, spiritually and physically. Your ego provides the lies to support your ego thinking and ego hopes & dreams.

Once ego is properly identified and monitored by your authentic self which can be difficult to discern at times I understand, you will be in a place of pure space and consciousness where perfect silence reigns and you know …..you just know, you are where you are supposed to be.

Now I would like you to take 15 seconds (close your eyes) to remember all those who have cared for and assisted you in your life & given you access to opportunities you might never have had if they had not come into your existence.

They may be with the creator now or perhaps still alive & well. But just take the 15 seconds to remember those people in a quiet space.

Afterward think how happy you have made them because YOU cared enough to give them remembrance. Do this often and if you have any questions please reach out to me via email at shane@northpolelifecoach.ca

All my love,


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