As a baby we are given our first social mask by our parents at birth and that comes in the form of a name given to you by them and that starts an identity build where as we grow we learn how to live by example…the example our parents set for us then our siblings or extended family sprinkle in a whole lot of choices of different social masks to wear as they grow ahead of us from birth and we watch to see what masks we have a connection with.

We are naturally drawn to some masks and others we try on make us uncomfortable so we ditch them. The point of all this mask wearing is it becomes comfortable to be behind the masks, safe if you will. Gradually though as we get older and wiser we get to a cross roads where we ask the question I have heard over and over “I want to know who I am” ? This was the very question I asked when I was at the cross roads of my life. The answer came to me in the form of a friend who knew about such things and so she helped me see clearly the beautiful me without any social masks.

At first I only caught glimpses of the real me when we talked my friend and I but after a short while I could see the real me all the time. I underwent an amazing transformation that changed my reality completely in a super positive way & that made me lighter feeling inside.

I had never thought the removing of your social masks could be so easy and make you feel so good. Now I am living my life on my authentic terms and no longer feel the need to create social masks in order to appear to others as being “ok” and to satisfy my ego’s need for attention in the moment. I am whole again and loving every minute of it.

Take good care until next we meet.

Love Always, Shane