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“Life Bites with Shane Flannigan”

Welcome to North Pole Life Coach. International Speaker, Author, Shamanic Practitioner and Life Coach Shane Flannigan, offers Corporate, Personal and Group sessions.

Designated by his fans as “The Mister Rogers For Adults”. His message is one of love, unity & understanding with a unique perspective of looking at your life and expanding on traditional concepts with a twist. Thus showing what one can really achieve in a lifetime with a simple lens change. Life is too short to live a life that’s not your authentic self. Now let’s get started!

“I had never thought the removing of your social masks could be so easy and make you feel so good. Now I am living my life on my authentic terms and no longer feel the need to create social masks in order to appear to others as being ‘ok’ and to satisfy my ego’s need for attention in the moment.  I am whole again and loving every minute of it.”- Love Always Shane

Guest Speaker

Invite Shane Flannigan to speak at your next live event. Shane is an International Author, Life Coach & Public Speaker. Dubbed by his fans as “The Mister Rogers For Adults”. His message is one of love, unity and understanding. Shane has a unique perspective on life, he is able to expand on traditional concepts and add a twist. This helps his audience catch a glimpse of what one can really achieve in life with a simple lens change.

Life Coach

Ready to change your life? Shane Flannigan, International Author and Life Coach will personally mentor you one on one. Sign up for a 3-month block, that includes one-hour, live video sessions each week and regular emails offering excellent, trackable support along your journey of self discovery and personal fulfillment.

Published Author

Shane Flannigan has written a compelling autobiography entitled “Shades of Broken”. This book will inspire the reader and help prepare them for life’s changes and challenges. In “Shades of Broken”, Shane speaks very personally and passionately about his journey to overcome PTSD and the various coping skills he used to do so. These coping skills saved Shane’s life and helped him to navigate some very dark days with this invisible injury. It is a story of survival and victory.

Shane’s compelling autobiography “Shades of Broken – The Shane Flannigan Story” is a truly heart-warming Canadian story about a man of service. It walks you through his early stages of suffering from Complex PTSD to his diagnosis, then to his amazing and unconventional recovery. You can learn more about his book on Amazon.

Award-winning Life Coach Shane Flannigan will show you how to be fully present and live a life of purpose and surrender.